Our services

Excellence and quality are at hand for those who are committed to pursuing their goals

How we work

The way we do things is logically characterized by a seamless process based on a clear and pragmatic approach; through recurrent evaluation-performance-evaluation cycles the business is dynamically improved and projected closer and beyond our ambitions.
We favour sound and valuable relationships with our clients, taking the right time to understand their challenges, their aspirations and their own way of doing business to originate the most suitable solution.
We believe in cooperation paths that turns relevant business relations into trustworthy partnerships.

Our focus

Business Execution

Thanks to a deep experience in the front office activities, Bros Energy is able to conceive, facilitate and intermediate standard deals in gas, power and commodities sector or to design, originate, and structure more complex and exotic business ideas, like, for example, weather derivatives, TEE forward agreements, options and credit insurances.

Business Support

The continuous evolution of the markets provides a wide range of opportunities; being able to understand and take advantage by those complex dynamics often implies critical economic-financial and organizational decisions. Bros Energy supports the client by helping to validate strategic and organizational plans and providing an insider perspective.

Markets Execution

The team of professionals and traders of Bros Energy is able to propose and implement projects focused on energy trading within clear and established risk limits at the controls of the client. Investment value and exposure can be easily monitored and managed thanks to a proper information flow and reporting. Bros Energy also provides the client with a high profile outsourced middle office.

Markets Support

Bros Energy offers a 360 degrees consultancy on the markets area, supporting clients in:

  • Implementation of trading desks
  • Market access set up
  • Portfolio management

Suggesting an insider point of view, providing market news, views and indications about the proper timing for the hedging strategies.

Team Execution

A successful business requires valuable resources. Bros Energy contributes to the success of its clients through the enhancement and coaching of their staff, offering highly specialized resources to cover permanent or temporary roles, facilitating flexibility improvement and maximizing human capital. These are key elements especially in a changeable and dynamic environment.

Team Support

We believe that people are the crucial factor in an organization. This is the reason why Bros Energy focuses on the research and development of human resources helping clients build and shape a highly motivated and competent team. Continuous training and team building are the elements our clients like the most.