Energy commodities consultancy focused on power and gas

We provide our clients with highly valuable services derived from a deep and direct experience of the energy business.

  • Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Origination
  • Portfolio Management
  • Training

We choose to create value in favor of our clients using an efficient and innovative business model that aggregates the most suitable professionals around a specific task or project.

Our method

Our focus

We believe that sharing goals with our partners is key to success

Why Bros Energy

The achievement of goals is a challenge involving several facets of our nature as human beings. Walking on the path towards success is a matter of competence, committment, awareness and cooperation and high quality resources are required.

Our experts, thanks to their deep roots in the market, are able to immerse themselves in the clients reality providing targeted and effective advice at all levels.

Bros Energy is a valuable partner in filling the intellectual, personal and professional gaps between the company as a group of individuals and a thriving energy trading organization.